• Carlos

    I like too much pixelmator and the only thing i hope is that it will be translated to Spanish please.

    I saw that 1.1.1 was translated to German, now all Spanish users are waiting for a Spanish Pixelmator translation.

  • Tice

    Still no suitable Web-Export (preview JPG while changing quality). Waiting to see that.

  • Dennis

    It kind of amazes me to see that there’s still no measure tool in Pixelmator. A simple window which shows the size in pixels/inches of the selected object would make so much difference!

  • Kilian

    I’m still holding my money back. It’s getting there slowly, but without a precise cursor that shows exactly the brush tip size or with tools like marquee I need crosshairs. I don’t even know where I am painting, when using the eraser I have no idea how big the tip of it will be…

    Web export and slicing dearly needed, and why are the core image filters still destructive? Every other quartz/core image based image editor applies those in a non-destructive way. I mean apart from letting the GPU do the weight lifting non-destructive image editing is the whole point of core image…

    Also the quartz composer filters seem to have a bug, when I tried out Quartz Composer -> stylize -> City Lights… I set up the filter and as soon as I clicked OK the image was changing. I tried this 4-5 times with different pictures, same thing. The “preview” shows you one thing and once you hit OK you get an pretty different effect.

  • Dermah

    Well done Pixelmator Team. That is a crapload of fixes and added features. And I can constrain circles now (sometimes)! But there is still lots to be done! Like making sure that it doesn’t hang for a minute when you open an xcf image (it did that as i was typing this message). Oh and actuall being able to see and xcf image would be nice 😀

  • Benjamin

    What Dennis said! I tried to introduce my gf to Pixelmator, but the first thing she tried to do with it was crop something to a specific size/shape, and failed. We need to be able to crop an exact 5×7, or exactly 800 pixels wide etc.

  • jdbartlett

    @Kilian: hit caps lock to turn on/off the brush tip size view.

  • Darcy Laycock

    Any chance or rulers (like in Photoshop) on the side and guides anytime soon? They are the main thing stopping me from using Pixelmator for design work at the moment.

  • xfodder

    i recently purchased pixelmator (through the macheist bundle) i like pixelmator a lot … so far the best things about it is that its fast … even on my imac G5 … sure it doesnt have all the features i would like, but its growing and im hopeful that those features will present in later builds.

    the main features i would like to see are slicing and web exporting … VECTORS … apps like drawit have a great system, if those are put in pixelmator … man this app would be even bigger!

  • Lionhart

    a healthy update, well done guys. everybody, for your suggestions for features, they have a forum for feature requests where you can post em all. it may be easier for them to keep track of em all. trust me i’ve made a few myself.

    looking forward to more updates

  • Geoff

    Great job! Looking forward to continued refinement of this already very handy app. Like some above, I really see using Pixelmator as a Fireworks-like application. (Not with all the web widgets and such, but a compact, fast, but stylish pixel and vector application that isn’t a Mac truck, but rather a Cooper Mini.)

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  • George

    Dang, I really like Pixelmator. It’s easy to use and has got loads of different functions. And the presentation is amazing. When opened the words fly onto the screen and the different tools get magnified when selected… I love it!!!
    Patch made a big difference, too!
    Keep it up!

  • Ek

    Thanks and keep up the good work, Saulius and Aidas!

  • Jason

    Curve tool please.

  • Tekl

    I complained about the performance some weeks before. Now with the latest leopard update and the latest Pixelmator I can handle bigger images, so Pixelmator is now useful for me.

  • Mladen

    I tried the demo, and I liked what I saw, but there are a few things that bother me: many psds are messed up, and there is no measure tool. The proggie is amazingly fast and, with correction of these two problems I mentioned, it will be perfect for any web coder that sees photoshop too bloated (like myself).