January 21, 2008

2007 / 2008

I must tell you that 2007 was the best year for us so far. We created Pixelmator, which is one of the best applications that was created last year. In addition, we met a lot of amazing people. We rented a new office and most importantly, we had so much fun doing the stuff that we like to do. Oh, because we made a lot of money in 2007, we can continue having fun working with Pixelmator in 2008.

But what’s next? What’s going to happen in 2008? I believe this will be an even better year for Pixelmator — the app will reach teenager status. No doubt it will become even more popular, more stable, and much faster as we add many new and incredible things to it.

In fact, we started improving Pixelmator the same day we shipped version 1.1.1 (December 18th). Version 1.1.2 will be out in a few days (or tomorrow), and I know you’ll love it. Recently, we have been focusing on selection tools and stability, as well as a few minor performance improvements.

We still have planned a couple more minor updates for Kitten era, but are already working on some major Draftsman (version 1.2 of Pixelmator) improvements and features. I can’t wait to show you the Draftsman stuff that is in the works.

Also, there are many more major updates planned for 2008. If you were to ask me whether there will be a 2.0 this year, my answer would be, “I am not sure.” But, I must say that we plan to start working on version 2.0 once we are sure this version is perfect in terms of stability, performance, and usability.


  • Denny

    Great news! I’m looking forward to the new versions.

  • Jordi

    I’ve paid for the pre-release product. I think it would be great to provide free updates to registered users until Pixelmator is a stable and pain-free app.

  • Saulius Dailide (Pixelmator Team)


    who told you that we are to ask money for updates?! That is never going to happen. All Pixelmator updates are free till it reaches 2.0 (I am not even sure if we will reach it before the end this year). I guess there is nothing to worry about.

  • Jonas Wisser

    This may not be the best forum for this, but then again, it may. Are there any plans to get .xcf support working soon? Currently when I open a .xcf file, I get a black canvas the size of the image, and that’s it. Since I prefer to use open formats, that is incredibly frustrating- also because Pixelmator claims to be able to open .xcf.

    Aside from this, I really like your app; but I wish I didn’t have to resort to GIMP or Seashore to edit those files.

  • Wolfgang

    Congratulations for this great product and Thx for you work on it in 2007.
    I can’t wait for the next features …

  • Hamster Master

    I for one, look forward to what our Pixelmator Overlords have in store for us. 😀

  • Atom

    Thanks – I look forward to the updated version!

  • Lionhart

    looking forward to it… bring on some beziers 🙂

  • Bill Vick

    Not sure this is the place for this but I know you want to fix the problem.

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


    Access Denied


  • TaP

    Will you be adding Shape tools in the future?
    This would be a nice App to make icons with.

  • lars

    Please include a COLOR CURVES tool, this would make us really happy
    thanks in advance!

  • Adam Robertson

    I am really enjoying using this app, thank you !! BUT it beggars belief that there are no rulers or any other means of determining how big a selection is. I mean this is fundamental surely to image manipulation / cropping ?

  • Marcos

    I’d love a Polygonal Lasso if it’s not too much asking.

    I got Pixelmator with MacHeist and is one of the few things I miss from PS.

  • LH

    Hi and thank you for keeping ahead with PixelMator !

    Could you tell us more about localizations planned and price policy for updates in 2008 ?


  • Jordi

    Hi Saudilius,

    I’m talking to give free updates for 2.0 and greater to pre 1.0 registered users. You’ve to understand that 1.0 version had lots of bugs.


  • Ed_stargazer

    As Adam Robertson stated, the lack of rulers and a size readout of a selection rectangle is a real frustration. And equally, the lack of paragraph controls over text, a history palette, and color correction via curves keeps me using Photoshop 7 on an aging iBook G3 since it won’t run on my new iMac with OS10.5.1. Ed

  • pvmstg


    When reading about features request and comments… I think it could be a great plus to give a roadmap about new feature and new trick for basic feature already include. With that in mind we can see what’s ahead. We do not need exact timeline.

    Something like 1,3 in 2-3 months, 2,0 12-16 monts and so … with what you hope to include in these version. For me I hope to see a merge with sk1 for vector for 2,0 but…. wait and see…