December 18, 2007

Willkommen bei Pixelmator 1.1.1

Finally, a German version of Pixelmator is available! Many thanks to our buddies at who bought you not only the German language but also bring Pixelmator support for German-speaking users. Go ahead and check their Pixelmator website for more info.

But there is more in Pixelmator 1.1.1 Release Notes:

• German language added.
• Ability to select anchors and more measurement units added to Canvas Size.
• It is now possible to scroll the window when using selection tools.
• Quartz Composer Generator and Transition filters now function correctly.
• Full Screen mode improvements.
• Type Tool improvements.
• GIF bug when saving fixed.
• Canvas Size bug with undo fixed.
• Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Have fun!


  • Roland


    Just want to ask about media browser is there a way you can close the iphoto events as it can make scrolling the list a nightmare. A way to close the events list would be a welcome addition

  • Hamster Master

    Pixelamtor is tha scheisse!

  • The Mystician

    Works cool, but, what about opacity via tablet pressure??

  • Jeff

    Pixelmator is really great, but there are still some very important features missing:

    – when working with masks, it would be useful if you could set a fixed size and a fixed ratio
    – when dragging a mask, it would be useful if you could move the position of the mask by pressing down a key
    – I also miss a little information window which shows me the current position of the cursor and the size of the mask which I am editing.
    – working with images that have an transparent area is still not very easy.

  • Jeff

    I forgot a last thing: It would be nice to have a grid or some lines and the objects should snap in to this guidiance when moving around

  • Dermah

    Stop localising it and make it useful! Put in things like being able to constrain an ellipse to a circle. I couldn’t believe that wasn’t a feature!

  • NormanPepper

    Please add a box with the position and dimensions of masks. Missing this is a definitive NO-GO for me.

  • Rimas


    have you tried ‘shift’ key while making selection?…

  • Marc

    “- I also miss a little information window which shows me the current position of the cursor and the size of the mask which I am editing.”

    Just tried Pixelmator the first time and that was my first thought. I’ve applied a selection and wanted to know how large it is, but there seems no way to figure it out. Also rulers would be a welcomed addition.


  • Jon

    @ Dermah
    This is a feature I also miss greatly.
    @ Rimas
    Holding Shift does not force the Elliptical Marquee Tool to become a circle, though it was the thing I tried instinctively based on prior use of Flash.

  • Odibi

    I also need informations about selected area or image size (not canvas size).
    A more configurable transformation tool would be nice to use fixed % or size adjust and to rotate objects with more precision. I need rulers too 😉
    Another great enhancement would be a cmyk converter that let users create print-ready file for professionnal printing (colorsync profiles are great, by the way).
    What about been able to save workspace and change it on a simple clic ? 😉
    Maybe adding the possibility to select a swap disk when creating huge images would be great ?
    Anyway, Pixelmator is very young, but already very powerfull. Great job, guys !

    By the way, I helped the guy working on Colorate to make the French translation of it’s software (
    If you need help for French translation of Pixelmator, just ask me.

    Keep on making great things !