November 10, 2007

Pixelmator 1.0.2 now Leopard-friendly

A small update for Pixelmator is available for download. 1.0.2 includes Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility, major bug fixes, and minor improvements. This update does not include new features, but I highly recommend downloading it.

As I mentioned before, the real-Leopard version of Pixelmator, called Pixelmator 1.1 Kitten, will be out later this month. You can follow the Kitten development on Twitter.


  • Ranjit Dulabh

    require more features and tools

  • dimitre

    Looking forward to Custom Core Image Filters support

  • fluffy

    Woo, I just looked at your Twitter page while looking for any indication about when tablet support was going to show up. And it did 10 hours ago! When will a version with that be released? I absolutely promise that I will buy Pixelmator when this happens – I’ve been looking to upgrade my ancient academic copy of Photoshop 7 and not looking forward to spending $1000+ on CS3 (and none of the other drawing apps out there are even remotely capable enough for even basic webcomic-drawing purposes).

  • Rimas


    as mentioned above:
    “the real-Leopard version of Pixelmator, called Pixelmator 1.1 Kitten, will be out later this month”

  • Jeff

    When did you add support for RAW? I could have sworn that last month I was unable to open up a RAW image from my Canon. Tonight, it opened up with Pixelmator set as the default application. Awesome! Can’t wait for 1.1.

  • Rimas


    according to the release notes, RAW support was added in 1.0.1

  • Exwindude

    RE: #2 Ranjit Dulabh
    Then go buy Photoshop, sheesh!. Pixelmator Rocks for $59. It’s close to being a Paint Shop Pro equivalent, which is what I was missing in the OSX world. Simple, fairly powerful, and not bloated.

  • Breseler

    Hmmm, having discovered that Photoshop Elements no longer runs on Leopard, thought I would give Pixelmator a try after reading reviews in iCreate and MacFormat and on web.

    Downloaded and installed it on my G5 iMac (1.5GB RAM) running 10.5 and the program firstly would not open any image I selected, then after two restarts it opened a basic 356KB image (taken on phone) which threw up the beachball for several seconds.
    Using any selected tool produced a delay before anything could be edited.

    In fact almost every attempt to use any editing tools caused the program to hang for an unacceptably long time. Not very smooth to use if it is going to stutter like this.

    I have now removed it and have gone back to using ArcSoft Photo Studio 4 which came with a Canon printer. At least it runs smoothly and starts first time straight away.

    Had high hopes for this as it is from a British company – back to the drawing board I guess…..

  • Kilian

    Absolute totally can’t live without drives me nuts wishlist for the very next release:

    Here are a few things I noticed when trying to get some real work done with Pixelmator.

    1) If you emulate the look the menus and most of the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, please do it all the way. I need CMD+T for transforming objects, Apple also hase different shortcuts for the font palette depending on the application, so you could easily move that to OPT+CMD+T or so.

    2) Text layers. If I want to change the complete appearance of a text layer, let me do so by selecting the layer, opening up the font palette and change settings. I don’t want to have to switch to text tool, click into the text hoping I’m hitting the right place, then selecting all, then opening the font palette and finally change the font. This sucks

    3) Must. Have. Keyboard. Shortcut. For. Changing. Font. Size.
    Every other Cocoa app is able to do so using CMD and + resp. CMD and -. Without this Pixelmator is useless for me. Since there is no menu entry for fonts (need that, too, the standard set for kerning etc. also I want to be able to switch to traditional Japanese form, as is possible in Text Edit), I digress, since there is no menu entry I can’t even define my own keyboard shortcut via System Preferences either.

    4) Drop Shadow. C’mon that’s par for the course. Also through in some non-destructive layer effects. That’s totally standard for all Core image based editors.


    I’m still keeping my money back, but I’m soo close to buy a copy…

  • Paul


    JPEG saved files are PROGRESSIVE JPEGs (no choice option that I can find). This format does not work with some of my software unfortunately.

    Please include an option to save a JPEG as NON-PROGRESSIVE as well. Thank you.

    Now I’ll have to find another program to use in the meantime. Ho-hum!

  • Kat

    I love this program. The only thing it’s missing in my book, is a few vector tools. A few shapes and pen or pencil would make this complete.
    Are there any plans to add these features?

    Thank you