September 25, 2007

Learn Pixelmator

Now that Pixelmator is on almost every Mac on the planet (if you don’t have it yet, go and get it), I am sure we need some gasoline to start using it.

I am very happy to announce that thanks to the Solid Publishing crew, the first Pixelmator manual is ready and waiting for you to download. Even more, you can get a printed version of manual for just $23.60.

Also, our buddy Don McAllister from ScreenCastsOnline has prepared a wonderful introductory Pixelmator screencast for you. Click here to view it.

We are working with our partners to bring even more learning resources for Pixelmator. If you have created any screencasts, tips and tricks, tutorials, or anything else that looks fun and useful, let us know and we’ll make sure everyone knows.


  • Dave M.

    Question: Do you have any plans to add the ability to put basic shapes into an image/layer? Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, etc…?

    I am really surprised that there is no way to do this yet. Or if there is, I am not seeing it.


  • Arjan

    @Dave M.: any selection (such as a circle) can be given a border using Edit, Stroke. Likewise, any selection can be given a colour using Edit, Fill.

  • anonymuos

    Please release this for Windows.

  • anonymous

    I doubt this program could ever be released for windows. Microsoft lacks the APIs, intelligence, OS programming ability, and patents/license for Core Image etc.

  • HorrorTrip

    I’ve just downloaded the demo version and I have to say that is Unfuckingbelievable… congrats for an amazing job… No doubt I’m gonna buy it!!

  • Colin

    Do you have any plans to add layer styles? That is probably the number one reason I am not going to buy it right now.

  • Doug

    Add me to the list I’m sure you already have: Basic shapes, layer styles and a “straight line” selection tool. I’d pay double if these were available. I’m about to buy Photoshop CS3 but maybe I should wait. Could you share your development schedule? Could you comment on future compatibility with Photoshop?

  • Doug

    At different zoom settings the brush size changes accordingly, which is great, however I don’t see a visual queue on the canvas, indicating it’s size relative to the zoom level. Is there a way to show that?

  • Ed T.

    Seems like an interestig application, but you might want to try generating interest in it some other way aside from sending out unsolicited email advertising (SPAM). I never expressed interest in your company or product, yet I received an email from you.

    Seriously, it might be the an excellent product, but if you show such poor judgement as to think spamming is an acceptable marketing strategy, then you’ll surely suffer for it.

  • Leif

    1. Layer styles
    2. Save for web with preview and file size
    3. A crop tool where I can set the pixel dimension (or at least the aspect ratio) before I crop the image. This way I could set the pixel value to 800×600 px and then mark a much larger area in a picture for cropping. When I press enter the picture gets cropped and resized to my specified values.

    Is there any way you could ask the guys over at Acqualia to make Picturesqu as a plug-in for Pixelmator? Is it possible? I love that Picturesque application and having that as a plugin inPixelmator would be a killer.

    What about plugins in general? Will we see a third party market with Pixelmator plugins evolve? That would be cool!

    // Leif

  • Dave M.

    Yes, I know that I can stroke and fill selections. However, I can’t adjust a selection easily like I can with a vectored shape. Even though Photoshop does this stroke/fill selection thing, they also have vectored shapes. I don’t think it’s asking too much for something to make life easier when it comes to working with screen layout and design.

    The lack of vectored shapes in Pixelmator was the reason I chose Acorn over Pixelmator. I work with a lot of screen shots for the work I do, and need a way to highlight sections of the screen.

    Plus, I’m not looking for a Photoshop replacement. I already have Photoshop Elements, I’m looking for an quick loading editor to do some simple operations to screen shots and images.

    I’ll keep my eyes on Pixelmator, I suspect it will gain improvements over time, but for now, it’s just not for me.

  • Matti O.

    This is one great product, but it’s surely missing layer styles. Drop shadow & stroke, pretty please?

  • RubCol

    Promete ser una gran aplicación.
    Ventajas (A mi consideracion)
    1.- Gran velocidad de la interface, así como de la aplicación de los filtros.
    2.- Manejo intuitivo para aquellos que apenas arrancan o solo han usado el corrector de iPhoto.
    3.- Permite el manejo de perfiles ICC
    Desventajas (A mi consideracion)
    1.- No existe manejo de canales por color. (Malo para los que somos impresores)
    2.- Solo se pueden asignar perfiles ICC de modelos RGB y no CMYK (?)
    3.- El ajuste de niveles no se puede realizar independientemente por canales.
    4.- No existe el ajuste de imagen por curvas.

  • John

    This is a great application. Looking forward to have web optimizations, Curves and more web features. I want to get rid of the Fireworks and Photoshop no sense of working together.

  • Ethan

    @ Ed T.:

    It’s kind of rude to just assume that the Pixelmator team advertises through spam without having any substantial reason to think this. It is often more likely that someone mistakenly submitted your email address, or that you don’t recall submitting your email address yourself or you submitted it unknowingly. This is especially so in this case, since the email you received clearly provided a means to unsubscribe from the list.

    A better way to proceed in the future would be to email the advertiser to inquire why you were sent the email, instead of ignorantly accusing them on their website.

  • GuillaumeB

    Interesting software for a small price. You know what would be cool for such a slogan “image editing for the rest of us”? Templates.
    Give template for business cards or post card or calendar for example. That’d be awesome

  • A.Kinng

    What are the requirements for this App? I’m trying on a PowerMac G4 MDD Dual and it’s too slow. It is meant to be just an Intel base Mac only App?

  • john

    is there any support for HD Photo file (JPEG XR) ? – HD Photo Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop for both Windows and Macintosh OSX are now available and quite impressive.
    One very cool feature with the Mac version is support for thumbnails in the OS X finder. OS X doesn’t currently HD Photo as a native format. However, whenever Photoshop writes and HD Photo file, it also creates a thumbnail on the resource fork in a compatible format for OS X. The result is great looking thumbnails for HD Photo files in Finder.The plug-ins provide support for a wide range of HD Photo features including extensive pixel format support, alpha channels, multiple color formats, and high dynamic range, wide gamut imaging. The full set of encoder parameters is also available including quantization, color sub-sampling, overlap processing, tiling, planar alpha channels and option pixel format conversion. When released shortly, the OS/X version will provide the first support for HD Photo on the Macintosh.Are you planning any support for this?
    And did Kai design any of the gui for your program?
    You should get the ” paint the filter effect” code source from the abandoned jewel photosoap and use it in Pixelmator ( along with 3rd party filters). I
    still love kai’s photosoap despite it’s instability. thank you for creating this beautiful app

  • André

    Hey guys, will there be a german version of pixelmator?

  • Susan

    I’ve checked it out, and have gone back to Seashore simply because there is no obvious way to make rounded rectangles, which is the main reason why I need a graphics program (that and gradients). It is really nice, but the lack of basic shapes and lines is a show-stopper for me.

  • kikimor

    Only the layer styles absence is preventing me from ordering your tool right now. It’s essential for my web-design needs. Photoshop is buggy, ugly, slow and costs like an airplane. I believe in your fantastic product guys. Thank you for your work.

  • Black Bloke

    Is there a way to enter an exact color using hex numbers?

  • Art Vandelay

    Pixelmator uses the color picker in OSX. Therefore, you can use color picker addons such as HexPicker which is downloadable at This will allow you to enter in HEX color values.

  • Ron L

    I agree with others that layer styles and effects keep me from purchasing Pixelmator.

  • Prissi

    And yet another voice on the lack of layer styles business. That and the lack of save for web.

  • Prissi

    I should say, though (sorry for the double comment) that the Pixelmator trial I’m on right now is freaking awesome; I love the interface and how much like PS it is. It’s intuitive, and I like not having to start up Crossover for PS (since I lack PS for mac). So I was really disappointed to realize that it doesn’t support layer styles (and I think that’s why some of my PSDs refused to open; they’re heavy on the layer styles).

  • SteveS

    Looks promising but it has a lot more to do before it can be accepted as professional image editing tool. As others have mentioned, layer styles is a critical function. Drawing shapes and such would be nice as well. I’ll try to keep an eye on the product and see if it grows up enough to warrant a purchase. Good start though!

  • Jonashh

    Just downloaded the trial, and to my surprise, no layer styles – so I have to agree with previous posts about this topic. This could be the only reason why I’m holding on to my Photoshop. But I’m surely gonna follow the development of this application.

  • Mike Johnston

    I agree with other commenters in that it is layer styles which is the deal breaker. Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome piece of software and everything it does it does better and faster than Adobe’s photoshop. However, layer styles is such an important thing. So, regrettably I will be sticking with Adobe for the time being.

    P.S. You should make a vector editor equivalent to illustrator called vectormator or something like that. I would buy that in an instant because illustrator kinda sucks.

  • Klaubinho

    What I miss are some plugins like for photoshop:
    If there is something like that please inform me! I am especially interested in a software like “TopazAdjust, TopazDenoise, TopazDetail and TopazSimplify”!!!!

    Just email me if there is something like that available anywhere!