September 17, 2007

Pixelmator Beta 2 Mini Report

Just shipped our latest and greatest Pixelmator 1.0 Beta 2 to our beta group—and feedback has been just great. I guess there is a good reason for that:

Our beta testers are catching bugs like crazy. Many people have sent us perfectly detailed reports, and we thank you for that! So, because of you guys, we were able to fix more than 100 bugs and add more than 50 different improvements to Pixelmator. It now looks like we have a really stable, fast, and, of course, fun version of the coolest image editor for Mac. We are really excited about it!

For those of you who didn’t make it into the beta test group: thank for trying to get in, but please note that our beta program was more than a couple of weeks ago and we are not taking any more submissions. Well, don’t be sad about that, because Pixelmator will be shipping very soon…


  • NitRam Den Gale

    Yeah, the new beta is great! There was some really annoying bugs in the last beta, but this one seems much more stable. Can’t wait until you release the final version!

  • Chris Papadopoulos

    Great to hear that you’re nearing completion! This is a project I’ve been following since I heard of it. I can’t wait to try this out.

    Can you give out any information on any of the improvements you’ve made?

    My hope is that you don’t release it until it is reasonably tested though to eliminate the worst of the bugs.

  • Morten Thorpe

    Rather a later release than a buggy one. If you release early and buggy, you probably alienate potential users and ruin a lot of good will. Of course we are talking about a “1.0”-release, but still. I rather like the philosophy adopted by “TextMate” developer; Do a stable core-release, not necessarily with many features, and then expand on it from there…

    I am also waiting for this like crazy – I can’t stand the performance of Photoshop and rarely need it for anything but the essentials and web-images. I actually find myself postponing Photoshop-work, just to limit the number of times I need to open those dang-heavy apps.

  • Wimpus

    Hi there, congrats with this build! I think it’s final. It really works like final software. 🙂
    You guys did a amazing job, Adobe can learn for you guys.

  • Dominik Hahn

    What did I do wrong?! I got the email for the first beta but not for the second and Pixelmator still says I am on the latest version. 🙁

  • geochick

    Never got an invite to the beta even though I signed up since I first heard about it how sad. When is this shipping? End of the month?

  • lars

    Please include a free rotate canvas option, A real time rotate to draw better on a ganle with a tablet

  • Bryan

    I got the first beta, but not the second one. Did I miss any procedure?