• Wes

    Congrats on all your hard work guys!

  • Keehun Nam

    A nice interview!
    I know Simon Shand also. 🙂
    Good guy

  • Mikey

    Please post actual photos of you! You said you look very different after the months of work. I am interested in to see how you looks like now? 🙂

  • stev

    Simon is a great guy!

  • Lawrence

    Hehehe yeah. Simon is great

    Dammit he stops me from interviewing people! Nah. He is cool.

    I would like to see you guys too..

  • Dama Bianca

    Well, I am waiting to see this software, really. I am just a “new” mac user (from july!), and I am very happy I “switched”, but I have to say that the only thing I am crying for the loss of Windows is the images editor “Paint Shop Pro”. I am a little bit sad that you knew only Mac, because this is a program you had absolutly to try: for me it is really powerful like photoshop but simplier, so much simplier! I used version 7 and 8 integrated with “animation shop” and I was happy with the use of the masks, the effects, the brushes…
    Since I switched, I found not an image editor similar for quality to that: photoshop element (I use the 2) is a useful “toy” but is really far away from paintshoppro.
    I have really hopes in your work: it is a shame that Mac -so powerful, beautiful and rich of solutions” in images editing field can count only on Photoshop.
    So, please give us your sofware as soon as you can: we are going to thank you very much!

  • secretsupersoldier

    Dama? You are joking right… I didn’t just hear someone compare photoshop and/or pixelmator to paintshop pro? The worlds gone mad!

  • Dama Bianca

    Oh my… I wanted not to shock you! XD
    But really, you have to make a tour in mac forums: I am not the only one that switched from Windows to complain about the loss of Psp!
    I want not to compare Ps to Psp, I am speaking about a software that does well its work and does not cost as much as Ps. I use also Ps elements and I have to say that the things that the little brother of Ps does are less that those made by Psp.
    I am not comparing Psp with Pixelmator because I have not tried it yet. Really, I am waiting with hopes for this new image editor, but I would like it is not only “photoshop centered”…
    I hope in a software better than Psp, or at least in a valid solution – for cost – to the lack of a “Psp like” software for mac!
    Really, maybe I am not a “pro” user of image editors but I used for years Psp, and I can say that with it, for example, I can save a mask in a second and use it in a second moment to create a frame.
    It is this kind of semplicity that I search for, united with more advanced futures (I am not against them!!! XD).
    If Pixelmator is going to surpass all of this, I can only be the happier in the world!

    Ah… sorry for my english!^^