August 16, 2007

Pixelmator Beta Notes

Whew, today is the day. Finally, we started sending our first closed beta seed to testers. I don’t have much time for beta description, but I wanted to make a few notes.

First of all, thank you very much for being so active with your emails about participating in Pixelmator Beta. It’s really great to know that so many people care about Pixelmator. That’s one more reason why it has to be great.

As I mentioned in the Pixelmator Beta Guidelines document (which comes with the application), the main purpose of Pixelmator Beta is to ensure the highest quality possible for the final version of the application. And by using beta and letting us know about any problems you are experiencing, you will help us to significantly improve the application before it is released.

And, I promise a little “thank you” gift for all of the beta testers once we are ready with Pixelmator.

However, one thing that I really would like to ask all of the people who are participating in beta is to please, please, please do not post any info or share the application yet. It’s not finished and any bad things that go public would hurt us. First you’d better give us a chance to fix them. We plan to have three seeds of the beta before the final release.

So, thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the first beta of Pixelmator! (Be sure to try the filter rope. ;))

P.S. This weekend will be the first weekend we are to have some rest. Whoohooo! Well, half-rest. We could not stop thinking about and checking the status of Pixelmator bugs.


  • Andrew Creek

    Congratulations on getting the beta out!

    One quick question. If we haven’t recieved an email yet does that mean we aren’t in?

  • Chris Long

    Congratulations, Saulius and Aidas!

    Whether you select me as a beta tester OR NOT, this is a grand day. I see great things for the future of Pixelmator.

    Best Wishes to you both.

  • Jay Carr

    I hope I didn’t sign up to late for the beta, it sounds like quite a few people are interested. But, no matter, it’s good to know that there are a lot of testers, at least when I get the final product I’ll know it’s ready :).

  • christian gehrke

    I also hope I am not too late. I would sure love to test this sucker out. It looks amazing. The GUI is nice and tidy.

  • congrats on the beta! I guess I didn’t get selected, but I really hope this thing will take off! It seems soo cool! 🙂

    And lasso filter?? Wow!

  • Jeff O'Hara

    Hope I can get in on the beta, I just signed up with the notify link. This app looks great.

  • Jay Carr

    Notify me only has to do with telling you about the release date, it doesn’t sign you up for the beta. The instructions for signing up are in the last post, though I have no idea if they are still accepting applicants.

  • Saurus

    I guess you made many people out there very happy with their beta version of Pixelmator. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  • mirko

    Are MacHeist 2007 buyers automatically enroled in your beta program ?

  • Phil

    Hi there. I was one of the large bunch of people who joined in the recent MacUpdate/MacHeist bundle. One of the promised goods there was to be part of this private beta and I’m very much looking forward to it. Should I have received an email by now or should I have signed up to the notification list as well?

    Many thanks.

  • Tim

    I’m wondering the same thing as Phil

  • Nik

    Great! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Saulius Dailide (Pixelmator Team)

    Yes, MacHeist/MacUpdate promo purchasers are to get the beta. I am sorry for delays. We have to send a limited number of emails/hour. Anyone knows a good service for spam providers (we definitely need something like that)? 🙂

  • Giuseppe Caruso

    Hi Guys, check your “sent” box, I still didn’t receive anything… 😛
    I already found the first bug if you remember… 😉
    Just kidding, my best wishes for your nice App.

  • Peter Witham

    Congratulations on getting the beta out. I await eagerly to see how this works out, the application sure looks impressive so far.

  • Jay Carr

    You could always do it “torrent style”. Send me my invite (*wink wink*) and a list of ten people to send the invite to. That would get it done a lot faster.

  • Eugene Ray

    frantically checking my inbox

  • Andru Edwards

    We are also expecting a beta invite due to purchasing the MacUpdate/MacHeist bundle…nothing has arrived just yet… 😉

    Okay, I will be patient 🙂

  • Sean McC

    Good to know that things are moving along. At least it;s going from the vaporware to the almost there stage!

  • Gideon

    So, if we haven’t received any response from the beta entry.. we should expect to receive a beta download?

    Did you send out beta rejection mails?

    Sorry, just need clarification!! Very excited..

  • Gary

    Oh man! Gonna be good folks … gonna be good!

  • Jay Carr

    Weeee! Now I’m excited. Tell me, is there going to be a section in the forums for beta discussion? Will we need a password?

  • Tom Werner

    Hey, enjoy your free weekend!! I guess you really deserved it! 🙂

  • Martin

    Hi there, greetz from Germany. 🙂

    Nice to see that the beta is finally out.

    I know it’s called “closed beta” but what about the people who paid for the macupdate Promo bundle, where it has been mention, that every macheister ( who paid for the bundle (like me), will get a closed beta/preview version of Pixelmator when it’s out. Can you explain me what i now should believe or should do? 🙁

    Thanks in advance


  • daniel

    hi there!

    First, congratulations on getting the beta out!! Can wait to try out and, hopefully, fill on of the missing gaps about using a mac.

    Now, the question… still sending out those email to macheist customers? Cause, even after closing my eyes and saying “the mail will arrive” 3 times while knocking my heels, i still haven’t received the invite for the beta.

    Paciente is a precious virtue… I’ll be sure to buy some next time I’m at the supermarket.


  • Martin

    Edit: didn’t see that the question was even answered *shame*


  • Pat

    Loving it! I’ll keep posted on anything I find 🙂

  • daniel

    That “Can wait to try out” should really read “Can’t wait to try it out”, shouldn’t it? I missed a whole bunch of keys in the post! The shame, the shame!!

  • Gideon

    just got it, sweet..

    that magical red ‘1’ appearing on my dock icon was a special moment


  • Rom Feria

    Can I still qualify for the beta programme?

  • Dominik Hahn

    Same question here.
    I already contacted you on late May regarding a German translation but I totally missed your public call for beta test applications. 🙁

    Well, I dropped Saulius an eMail. Hopefully they have mercy. 😉

  • JCP

    Just got the email, just download the .dmg. Can’t wait to try it out. THANKS!

  • Kai

    Thanks for the email! Pixelmator will be great when all beta bugs are removed. It’s really the kind of application I was searching for!

  • Thomas

    got it !
    Thanks, it’s so easy to use, I feel I’m a graphic designer ;-)))

  • Matt

    Gideon Says:
    >>that magical red ‘1? appearing on my dock icon was a special moment

    Ha! That had me laughing… Mostly because I had that same feeling! 😉

  • Dinesh

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if I am part of your beta group, i signed up quite a while back and have been stalking your website since trying to get a hold of this fine app. *Fingers Crossed*

  • cheerful

    i love it. the intro selection does nothing at the moment though. :o)
    the lasso to note where you apply the filter is cool. glad there’s also the option of turning that off when needed. i’ll just sum it up. if progress goes on fine, i am likely to ditch PS and go with the new standard — pixelmator. 3 cheers for pixelmator!

  • Dominik

    I just received your mail with the download link. Thank you! 🙂
    Unfortunately, I have to wait another ten hours or so before I’m back home and ready for testing. Even worse, I have to work on saturday so half of my weekend will be over until I really can go into deep.

    Maybe I should quit my job!? 😉

  • Marco

    I haven’t received an email yet.. not even an announcement about it.. snif..

    I want that beta 🙂

  • vadim

    Just received it ! Thanks for choosing me! Keep the good work

  • Maik

    Hi Saulius, hi Aidas,
    would you like us to report one bug per email or would you rather get a bug report as a pages/pdf document with all found bugs in it?

  • Joram Oudenaarde

    First of all; a BIG thank you and congratulations on Pixelmator 🙂
    With the features and snappy-ness of the program you’ll definately make a lot of people extremely happy.
    While I didn’t sign up for the beta, I do have one tiny request for Pixelmator, which kind of struck me after seeing your screenshots 😉

    You (i.e.: Pixelmator) uses a very carefree approach with its loose panels. My question/request is to make them magnetic. As with all (semi)pro programs, if you use a lot of panels it tends to get cluttered or in the way. So making them magnetic so you can stick them together or simply stick them to the side would make the layout of the program a lot easier to maintain.

    I’m definately going to give that program a try as soon as it’s out though… I’m using Photoshop CS3 at the moment, and while it’s pretty quick on my computer (iMac Core Duo), a program simply can’t be snappy enough 🙂 That, and the extremely simple “iLife”-esk layout of the program just makes you want to drewl instead of work, hehehe.

    Good luck with the beta’s everyone!

  • Tomas

    Congratulations, and enjoys the weekend. I’m expecting for testing beta

  • Margus Holland

    Got the beta last night and oh boy, do I like it.
    I’ve already reported a few bugs, but I’m kind of missing one thing.
    A bugtracker for submitting the bugs. It would be so much nicer to submit bugs to an online system, so one could also see the already listed bugs and not create a lot of duplicates. I believe there are many free BT’s out there that could be used for this?

    But anyways, I can’t wait to get the final product, it’s just so amazingly fast. And looks super sweet as well. Hope you get all the bugs sorted soon.

    Great work guys, keep it up.

  • Tom

    Just wanting to say congratulations to the PIxelmator team, fantastic work so far. I’m sure I’m speaking for all of us (beyond the ‘Have i been chosen for the beta’ messages) that you have a well deserved break this weekend 🙂

  • Carlos

    Wishing you all the best with the Beta release. We are all pulling for you and hoping soon to be able to use your product in a production environment.

  • Aron Allen

    Thank you Pixelmator Team!
    I Will test your Application through this weekend and report any bugs i might stumble over. But at first glance it looks great!

  • steffen


    I’d really like to test your insane application. Your work is truely amazing. Keep it up!

  • bb.brooks

    i just heard about you guys and Pixelmator seems to show great promise by its feature. i’m very impress with its elegant look and looking forward to trying it myself. However, your tools seem to lack a ‘pen’ tool for creating paths, or is it there somewhere? If not will this be implemented as a tool in the near future?
    good luck!

  • Ooof

    This is more alpha then beta, as it totally chokes on moderately sized images on a new MBP. Where do we report bugs? Most of the UI is barely discernible when laid over anything other than 100% white. Is there room for UI feedback as well?

  • Anonym

    It’s already seeded in bittorrent…

  • Anonym

    maciau jau kazkas papostino beta

  • knedl

    Nice going guys, can’t wait for the real deal 😉

  • Eva

    Congrats on the beta version. It’s a great piece of work.
    When is it going out of beta? Can you tell us your timeline or roadmap?
    Is it possible to pre-order this?

  • Diego lopez

    Hola solo quiero saber cuando estará disponible la versión para windows de su programa. Quisiera probarlo a la brevedad.

  • Bullaballoo

    Hello Pixelmator Team, the beta version is very pleasant to use and very promising ! Awesome ! 😀
    Thanks and congratulations !

  • Shawn Blower

    Blech. No tablet support until after the initial release? I think that should have been a top priority. This beta is useless to me.

  • Ziv Kitaro

    Hi guys.
    Congratulation on the beta.
    I love the app. Sent you some bug reports, but for a 1st beta – this is just amazing.
    Thanks for sending it in, Thanks for creating Pixelmator.

    Ziv Kitaro

  • DMD

    You can still use it with a tablet.

  • Micos Benjamin

    I can’t believe this is the first beta, this is just an awesome program. Can’t wait for the final release. Great Job!!!

  • Shawn Blower

    If by “use” you mean that it recognizes the tablet, then you would be correct. However, it doesn’t distinguish between levels of sensitivity or when you use the eraser of the tablet pen. Again, in it’s current state, Pixelmator just doesn’t fit the bill.

  • Shawn Blower

    After re-reading my post I have to be clear that Pixelmator is shaping up to be a great application. It loads extremely fast and does offer quite a bit. I was only commenting that for me personally that without tablet support it’s of no use for me. Sorry for being a negative nancy earlier.

  • CK

    So far, I haven’t received the beta, even though I am a MacHeist buyer. Please, could you send me a copy? All the best —

  • Dominik Hahn

    After some days of testing:
    It makes a pretty solid impression and the filters are fast as hell. 🙂

    (I hope I didn’t tell too much about the beta ;))

  • Gary

    The filters are extremely fast on my MBP. I would also like to say to the Pixelmator team “Great Job!”. I did send in a few bugs. I think it would be good if you could post some sort of roadmap for your future clients. There will no doubt be some who will be frustrated at something that might be addressed in the next release. A roadmap could certainly defray much of that sort of thing.

    Pixelmator BETA i fun to use and test and look forward to the final release of 1.0 and 2.0 and 3.0 etc… 🙂

  • Rom

    Waahhh.. still don’t have a copy of the beta. Help.

  • Saulius Dailide (Pixelmator Team)


    Check your mailbox. 🙂 If there is anyone else who should’ve received the beta, but didn’t – write me at support at I will be glad to fix this ASAP (tomorrow I guess, I have to have some sleep now).

  • Scott

    So what does it take to get put on the Beta Tester list? This product sounds amazing, and from the articles on the net much more reasonably priced than Photoshop.

    I would love to test this software if its possible to get a copy? Thanks,

  • Rom

    Got it, Saulius. Thanks,

  • CK

    Got it – thanks!

  • David

    Saulius, just left you an email at support… hoping I can get on the trial too. I did send a request the other day for the beta but still nothing.

    Thanks for the support.

  • John

    I haven’t received the beta yet. I purchased the MU Bundle through

  • Josh Allen

    Just wanted to thank you guys for including me in the beta program. I have looked forward to this app since I first heard of it over a month ago, and am both proud and excited to be a part of the beta group.
    The app is fantastic, will save me a lot of money on licensing for my game studio over Photoshop, and will allow our texture artists (including myself) to finally leverage ALL the power of our Mac systems, saving us time (and in the end, money as well in that respect). I look forward to seeing it mature towards the final release. Again, thank you!

  • Dink


    I can’t wait any longer…
    When are you sending out the betas for the Macupdate-Promo-Freaks?

    So I can test this incredible piece of software.
    Please let me…



  • justG

    @Marco: If you read a few comments before yours, there are other MacUpdate-through-MacHeist bundle buyers who’ve not yet received our beta invitations. Saulius has asked us to e-mail him at the support @ddress, and he’ll get us sorted.

    Hope that helps. =)

  • Bernard Fok

    I signed up for the beta too, but haven’t received an invite :(. Any chance on invites still going out?…please please!

  • Nicolas

    Dear Guys,

    I hope that you find out the energy to correct bugs around, I find that we have several difference between processor (G4,G5,Intel), the benchmark needs to be more accurate . The fluidity of drawing with the brush tool needs to be optimized.
    Filters are ok, on new machines try top down test, from Intel, to g3 if you can !

    Have the best day on earth !

    Cannot wait for the second beta !

    Let’s go for it, I prefer to wait to get a perfect Pixelmator, because its a huge potential software…

    Go GO GO, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • joe

    this app looks amazing, really excited to see it finished! my only concern is that you guys were once associated with jumsoft, who have a pretty horrible reputation for bugs and support. you are breaking serious new ground with this software, how you choose to run this company could make or break the whole thing. do it right this time! keep up the great work.

  • marten

    damn, all people of my blogosphere are testing pixelmator. Envy!

    i really want to kick off photoshop, cause it has to much functions. release it! 😀

  • Ainhoa

    I have to say, Pixelmator looks amazing. I’ve been following the development of the app and I want to check it out before upgrading to PS CS3; because I have a feeling I won’t be needing it. I’m guessing it’s impossible to be a beta tester by now, so I’m hoping a trial version will be available before buying? Anyway, great work!

  • Iain

    Hey….is there anyway, i get get in on pixelmator beta.??

  • ernie

    hi there! wanna be a beta-tester…. could u plz send me a download-link?

  • Josh Allen

    [Quote]on new machines try top down test, from Intel, to g3 if you can ![/endQuote]
    @ nicolas:

    I have tested the app on a G3 Powerbook (Lombard) and can tell you that a G4 CPU is needed, as the G3 does not have the Altivec functions needed to support Core Image if your video hardware doesn’t (as the hardware in this laptop, a Rage Pro LT chipset, does not). I would imagine that if you had, say, a B&W G3 machine with an appropriate video card (Ex. ATI Radeon 9200 128MB PCI) that Pixelmator would work properly, albeit on the chuggy side without a decent CPU upgrade (like Powerlogix’s G3/1GHz ZIF upgrade). I actually have a friend with a machine with these specs, but, because I respect the developers, I am unwilling to test on this machine and see if my theories are correct. I do, however, own a 667MHz Powerbook G4 Titanium, a 2x2GHz Powermac G5, and a 4×2.66GHz Mac Pro, and so far, aside from bugs already noted, Pixelmator works fine on these machines. I, like some others of us, fully expect to replace Photoshop in my production pipeline with this wonderful software.

  • DMD

    Shawn Blower,
    I was just trying to offset some of that negative feedback for damage control since Pixelmator is still in beta. I realize that true Wacom support is seen as a very essential feature with graphics programs, but I’m patient enough to wait for it if it doesn’t already exist.

    When I said that it is supported, yes I did mean that a Wacom tablet works on ALL applications without pressure sensitivity. It isn’t necessarily a walk in the park to add pressure sensitivity to an application. Very few programs actually do a decent job with Wacom pressure sensitivity on the Mac…….like Sketchbook Pro, Rita, Art Rage etc…..I always turn off brush dynamics in Photoshop because their Wacom support sucks IMHO.

    It seems to me that you’re in violation of the beta guidelines for blasting Pixelmator prematurely – before version 1.0……and you’re guilty of being an asshole. That should be reason enough to revoke your beta access (if it hasn’t been already).

  • Keehun Nam

    Is there any way that we can get in for the second round of private beta testing?
    I am anticipating for Pixelmator so much and it would be very nice if some of us who missed that first round to be able to test it and tell our feedback and tell you of any glitches and bugs that might occur.

    Thank You,
    Keehun Nam

  • eddie coffin

    Does anyone know if applications for beta testers are still being taken?? It looks sooo beautiful and I’ll be damned if I’ll give Adobe any more of my cash

  • Gary

    When can we expect an update to your blog. Just interested in seeing how things are coming along.


  • Jeni

    Yes, I would love to Beta test as well, is there any way of getting into the second round?

  • Allan

    It’s my birthday today! I would love to be a beta tester even at this late date, sooooo, make this a happy birthday for me.

  • Sebastian

    Such a beatiful and cute interface, please let me be a betatester.

  • Yong Hwee

    I just received an email regarding beta 2! Cool! Thanks and I can’t wait for the final release.

  • Watoauthoto

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  • Mars

    Will it interface with Wacom bamboo and inkling?

  • MCO

    Will it interface with Wacom bamboo and inkling? We are in 2014 😉