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Pixelmator Team Interview

Pixelmator is the exciting new “delicious” image editor in the works. The two developers are brothers, Saulius and Aidas Dailide, and they agreed to answer my questions about their new app, as well as what it was like to work on it.


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  • wphj

    Thanks again for your great responses!

  • Anhtony

    I am glad that you guys are getting a lot of recognition for the work you have done so far. I can only tell you that I am anxiously waiting for the beta of the app to be released. I am not sure of of the details or capabilities of your app, but it looks like I will be able to put my copy of photoshop away and save the upgrade money–spending it on your app instead!

  • Alexander

    Excellent interview! I love hearing about how innovative new software is created. The pure elegance and functionality coming from this team is simply stunning. You can imagine my reaction when I read a public beta may be released so soon! Keep up the great work!

  • Craig

    Wow, looks very nice. I’d like a lot less floating windows but I like it. Great job!

  • A User

    C’mon, guys, how about some more activity in the blog? Specifically, how close do you think you are to releasing this thing? Some of us need to budget these things in a corporate environment …

  • Dominik Hahn

    It’s July, where’s the download? 😉

    Just kidding, I know that you’ll release it when it’s done but all I ask for is a little more activity just like ‘A User’ said. 🙂

  • Gary

    Not only is it July, it is mid-July! 🙂

    I don’t know why but I get this strange feeling that a beta will be released soon.

  • Sean McC

    Just a hint would be nice. Of course a beta would be betta (better-Geddit?) Groan away.

  • Maarten

    I’m also waiting for a beta. Now is a good time to release it, in the holidays (belgium)…
    Pleaseeeeeee :op

  • Gary

    Ok fellas, we need an update! I have $60 that I can’t wait to spend. It is burning a hole in my pocket. The number of days left in July are dwindling.


  • crossinger

    Well, my bank officer told me today that I have $59 too much on my account, which I should spend on graphics software… 😉

  • Fabian Dietrich

    I switched to a mac 2 weeks ago (20″ iMac), something I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for Pixelmator. However I have another two weeks to return it, which I will do if his turns out to be vaporware (looks like it, dunnit?). I’d be a lot less skeptical of this app’s validity if the developers showed some more support or gave any sign whatsoever that this application really exists. IT’S END OF JULY; YOU PROMISED A BETA BY NOW, AND THERE ISN’T EVEN AS MUCH AS A PREVIEW OF THE APP!!!

  • RobH

    Whoa there! Investigate the other blog posts. You will see preview movies etc..

  • Gary

    Hey, no need to make accusations of “vapourware”. I am very confident that this application does exist. It was even demonstrated recently at the World Wide Developers Conference.

    A beta was promised by end of July but we are just impatient.

    I have no doubt that the software is on track. I was one of the ones who purchased the Heist Bundle recently that included a beta of Pixelmater when it was released. This leads me to believe that there will not be a “public” beta period but a closed beta period. (But this is just a guess)

  • Pecos Bill

    Well, I checked out one of the screenshots and the first thing I thought was, “I sure hope they got rid of the cancel & ok buttons on the adjust pane (bright/contrast).” Apple seems to make it clear wherever they’ve used them that those panes do not have buttons to accept/cancel but only (implied) Undo.

  • Harvard Irving


    Who the hell switches platforms, and buys a new computer simply on the promise of a new, unreleased application. Unbelievable. That’s not a very smart way to plan your purchases and platform decisions. It’s not Pixelmator’s fault, it’s your own.

    Of course, I suspect you are just trolling. Nobody in real-life would buy a new Mac solely because of an application they haven’t even tried, and hasn’t been released, would they? … Would they?