Tabs make it really easy to keep track of all your Pixelmator documents.

Tutorial Comments

  1. S Barr

    I cannot follow this. WHERE is the “Tab” menu she is referring to? Not everyone uses the same descriptions for software and software elements- a circle around th structures she is describing would help immensely. This is totally useless. I also cannot find a Brush icon in my toolbar- only 2 pen tool icons. WHERE are the brushes? I like the simplicity of this interface, but come on, we SHOULD be able to find things and you should provide better tutorials for beginners. I cannot use this software and now have to look on YouTube for a decent introduction. NOT EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT!!

  2. Blake

    In the video it was right under the title of the photo. First it was a single, then a double, then a tripple (as she added a second photo, then created a new one). Then she dragged one tab off to create a separate document window. Then dragged it back to join the other two. It was always right below the title and above the photo.

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