Open Images

In this tutorial we take a look at a couple of different ways to open images in Pixelmator.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Shirley Gilbreath

    This is not helping because cannot hear recording

  2. Shirley Gilbreath

    Different companies are sending me job apps with images attached which I cannot open please show me

  3. Steve Neal

    Is it possible to show an arbitrary folder in the browser? I don’t keep my images in Photos or the Pictures folder so it would be great to do this.

  4. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)


    Absolutely! There’s a separator line just between the pop-up menu and the gallery in the Photo Browser – if you drag that line down, you’ll be able to add additional folders by dragging them to the browser.

  5. Giuseppe Saponara

    How can I open multiple file embedded in a unique file in Pixelmator as different layer?

  6. Patrick

    Can’t import photo from, by dragging photo direct onto Pixelmator icon.
    Please help, my OS version is macOS 10.12.1 (16B2657)

  7. Dave

    When I choose to open from Photos, all of the “thumbnails” are just the standard JPEG “thumbnail”. That is, actual thumbnails of the pictures are not shown, and I’d have to guess at which picture I want based on name. How can I get thumbnails to show?

    Also, the UI for this functionality starts out very small: fine. And as I stretch the window, more thumbnails appear … OK…. but they’re very, VERY small. Is there any way to cause them to be larger? OS 10.11.6. Thanks!

  8. Johann

    Can’t drag and drop from Photos

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