Run Applescripts from within Pixelmator Pro

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2021-02-22 05:57:47

So I wrote a couple of scripts to automate some actions that I need to run every couple of minutes. Every time I need to run a script I have to switch to the script editor, and run it from there. Not too convenient!

It'd be awesome to have my scripts accessible from within Pixelmator itself. One option is, as in Photoshop, to have "Scripts" menu item, listing all scripts in a specified folder. This way, I could even use Mac OS system preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts to my scripts!
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2021-02-24 09:26:20

Hey there! Currently, there's no way you can run scripts from within Pixelmator Pro, but you can make your scripts accessible from the main menu bar at the top of the screen. In the Script Editor preferences, go to the General tab and select "Show Script menu in menu bar". Also, if you choose Open Scripts Folder > Open User Scripts Folder and copy your custom script there, it'll show up as a shortcut for easy access.
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2021-02-24 09:34:56


ooh, that's handy, thank you for the tip! Turns out, I can configure Script Editor to create a folder for Pixelmator Pro scripts, put my scripts there, and run them from the "scripts" menubar icon, as long as Pixelmator Pro is the front-most application. Nice!
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2021-02-24 10:38:10

Yeah, if you have a bunch of Pixelmator Pro scripts, that's probably the way to go. Glad that helped!
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2021-02-26 21:00:50


Most important feature !!!
And the » Repeat last command « feature .. (shortcut of course )