Foreground and Background Colour

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-02-13 17:19:49

One of the tools I often use is Cmd-delete to fill a layer with foreground colour and Opt-delete to fill with background. Typically I'm filling a layer with White from the background colour.

The trouble is that I don't always know where I left forground and background so it would be really useful if I could easily find out what they are set to. Maybe by having current foreground and background colour as an optional display item in the Info Bar?

What do you think?

- Stef.
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2020-02-14 08:42:40

Great idea but I feel it showed be optional to toggle it on and off.
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2020-02-14 09:51:22

We have considered this in the past and I personally do like the idea but the Info bar probably isn't the best place for it (numerical representations of colors aren't the easiest to parse in most cases) and, to be honest, there aren't many other places we could put actual color squares. Back in the early days of the original Pixelmator, they used to be in the Tools palette but that probably wouldn't work in Pixelmator Pro. In any case, we'll consider this. And in the meantime, you could choose the Color Fill tool (N), then press the X key to switch background and foreground colors — in the color well, you'll see what your background color is set to.
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2020-02-14 10:23:02

Aha... I hadn't realised that the info bar was text only (I should have twigged as there is only text in there). That makes this request a lot more work than I had thought for what is just a small benefit. Maybe something to bear in mind if there is anything else that needs graphics in the info bar.
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2020-02-14 15:50:19

I mean, the color could be displayed there too, there aren't necessarily any technical limitations (that I'm aware of, could be wrong) it's just text-only is the idea behind it as far as I can see. But we will think about this.
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2020-02-14 16:15:30