The art prowess of all Pixelmator products is a joke

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2020-10-17 01:57:03

I don’t have faith any longer that any version of any Pixelmator product will ever be useful for creating art.

Sound harsh? Google “art created in Pixelmator Pro.”
You’ll find nothing.

In contrast, Google “art created in Procreate”.
I don’t have to tell you the result.

One can continue:
Try “art created in…” Affinity, Painter, Concepts, Medibang, Linea Sketch, Manga Studio.

Where are the Youtube tutorials of people creating character designs or painting landscapes in Pixelmator Pro?
They don’t exist.

Pixelmator Pro is a good-looking application that can’t do anything for artists. It’s got non-destructive editing. It’s got effects. It’s got a Metal rendering engine. So what? That GPU Metal engine doesn’t matter if I can’t even draw a simple line that isn’t wobbly, or a begin a stroke that doesn’t stutter every time. If I can’t copy and paste into a layer mask or lock a freaking layer up or use a simple pen tool and adjust points the way I expect. If I can’t control the flow of my brush, or do anything that I could do in 1998 in Photoshop. In short, it’s useless.

I’m making better art in Apple Notes than I could even hope to begin to do in Pixelmator Pro on the Mac.

The reason I have no faith it will ever get better is because it never did. In Pixelmator Classic, you never made it workable. Like Pro, Classic looked nice. Beautiful UI. It had a great “if Adobe were to do it today and made only Mac programs” look and feel to it. But I couldn’t draw in it. I waited for it to improve. No, it never made its way out of beta. I could only scratch out some wobbly scribbles.

No one at that company paints with it. All you do is open photos and poke around a little bit. Forstall froze and halted all engineers on dev for the first iPhone because typing on it sucked. He commanded everyone to stop and get typing right. That’s what needs to happen here. Stop and divert all resources to Pro version 2.0 on GETTING THE ART ENGINE RIGHT. (No one cares about ML super resolution of ML anything).

I am dying to eat crow. I want to eat crow on this. I’m dying to be proven wrong here, and I can be proven wrong by people posting links to their art created in Pro. I legitimately want to see if anybody has ever created anything (that’s good) in Pixelmator Pro, especially if you work at the company.

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2020-10-17 11:15:47

Oof. So, first of all, our Instagram account has quite a few examples of art/illustration created in Pixelmator Pro, photos edited with it, etc. You can find that here:

It's not entirely untrue that we used to pay less attention to the details that were most important to the workflows of professional artists, we mostly focused on making the app easy to use and understandable for beginners. I wouldn't necessarily say that was wrong and Pixelmator Pro has a pretty loyal following of people for who the app does what they need. Having said that we've recently started paying more attention to pro workflows, especially since we started collaborating more with artists in the last 6 months or so. So, in terms of orienting ourselves to pro workflows, you could expect some changes here.
by Teelar 2020-10-16 22:57:03 (No one cares about ML super resolution of ML anything).
You might not care about it, but I can assure you we've had a ton of positive feedback about this feature when we added it to both Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Photo. I do understand where you're coming from — you use the painting tools and you want them to be better. But there are other tools and other parts of the app used for other things, so it's difficult to speak in absolutes. Anyway, I hope you check out our Instagram account and I also do hope you keep sharing your feedback with us.
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2020-11-05 01:27:59

I’m not using the painting tools because there still in alpha status is my point. But, version 2.0 is coming out and I look forward to giving it a try, I have high hopes. I signed up for the notification. Cheers, gang! (Sorry, I’m afraid the Instagram account proves my point.)