Saving files

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2018-07-31 09:57:59

Can anyone point me at where I go wrong?
I open a file in Pixelmator. Change some settings. Click export and save the file to my harddrive. When I close the file, Pixelmator asks me if I want to save the file which I just did. Why does Pixelmator asks me where to save the file when I have just saved it on my harddrive?

I run into this in Pixelmator Pro but I ran into it using Pixelmator as well.

I hope someone can enlighten me. It would be appreciated very much.
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2018-07-31 14:53:34

There's actually an answer in your question itself:
Click export and save the file to my harddrive.
Exporting is not the same thing as saving.

Essentially, every time you open a file in Pixelmator Pro, it is automatically converted to PXD -- a native file format Pixelmator Pro works with. It's also the format only Pixelmator Pro can open and edit.

The Export option allows you to create a copy of your document in a format other than the native PXD, to be displayed on the web or opened by other apps. Though this copy contains all the changes made to the file since it was first opened, they haven't really been saved to the original PXD, that's why when you try to close it, Pixelmator Pro asks whether you'd like to keep the changes or not.

File > Save, on the other hand, saves all the changes, formatting, layers, and additional image information to the PXD, so you can go back and continue editing your project later. However, if you're pretty sure you won't be returning to make additional edits to this file, you can simply choose to delete it upon closing.