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2020-06-22 15:29:56

Hi All,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a quick tutorial on doing the Orton effect using Pixelmator Pro? There is a PDF online but that seems to be more for Photoshop users and I can't find things like 'screen' on Pixelmator Pro unless somebody can help with that as well?

Thanks for any help or comments in advance

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2020-06-24 09:18:26

Hey there, the easiest way to get this effect in Pixelmator Pro might be using the Bloom effect (Format > Effects > Stylize > Bloom). I can also see other tutorials for Photoshop use a simple blur effect with a reduced opacity overlaid over the original image. I also experimented with our Bloom effect and a luminosity mask as in that tutorial I linked to and the results looked quite convincing! Do you have a particular tutorial/example that you like? I could check whether the steps in it can be adapted to Pixelmator Pro.
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2020-06-24 17:00:06

Hi and thanks for the response. I did use to have a particular tutorial I followed for Photoshop but have somehow managed to lose that. I will try out your recommendationwith using Bloom however as it sounds interesting.

Thanks again
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2020-06-25 08:01:22

Cool cool cool, let me know how it goes!