woven patch picture prep

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2020-05-19 06:55:06

Hi everyone,

I want to simplify a drawn or painted image so that it can be used to make a woven or embroidered patch.

Thread colours are limited and so I would like to adjust colours, gradients, etc so its more simple.

Any help would be appreciated.



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2020-05-20 13:36:06

Hi Peter, doing this in Pixelmator Pro would be very complex and I honestly can't think of a way to get the exact result you're after right now... I assume you'll be getting the patch made somewhere? I have a feeling those services will also adapt your images for you and they'll know the exact requirements for the colors, etc., so the result would be more consistent — they might even have special software for it. Otherwise, you should be able to find image vectorizing websites online and vectorizing the image is basically what you need to do. Hope that helps at least a little!