What does it take for an iPad to go "Pro"?

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2020-02-11 06:14:32

The iPad is a third category of device that does things better than a laptop and better than a smartphone. Right?

But the question is what does it take for an iPad to go Pro.

If the iPad line were to mirror the Mac line it would be as follows:

iPad mini: Macbook
iPad Air: Macbook Air

So logically, in this scenario,

iPad Pro: Macbook Pro

In summary this translates to more power for professional use. But what more can an iPad do? Where do I think that the iPad Pros focus is on?
Professional Content Creation.

What if the iPad Pro were to be a hybrid between an iPad and a Mac: a fourth category of sorts.

If theres one thing I think the current iPad is lacking, is a true professional content creation atmosphere. Im not saying amazing things cant be done with iPad. But I feel as if it is somewhat reduced to that of a Mac.
And maybe that is intentional, but I think that in the case of an iPad Pro, that is about to change. Maybe the iPad Pro will be better at content creation than both an iPad and a Mac.

What if the iPad Pro is what the original iPad was expected to be: a true hybrid of iOS and OS X? Or maybe just iOS taken further

With the purported 12 screen and increased power, users will be able to run more apps at a time, and editing and creating things will be easier than ever.

Which will lead me to another interesting area: App Development/Programming.

Currently if someone wants to develop apps for the iOS/Mac or just program, they need a Mac (if they want to stay in the Apple ecosystem). Currently, an iPad for a developer is mostly to test apps and for personal use. You cant program on a tablet as you would on a computer.

What if users were able to develop on an iPad with the iPad Pro? Mobile computing will be taken to the next level.

This is just one case, but Im sure there are many other areas that Im just no aware of.

How do you create then? What are the input methods?
Multi-touch, stylus, keyboard, and maybe even a mouse.

Multi-touch would be the main form of navigation and creation across the device (as with current iPads).

Apple Stylus:
If the supposed Apple stylus is true, that would mean that it would work seamlessly to enhance the software and hardware. Drawing, painting, sketching, photo editing, etc. will be improved with the stylus and the extra processing power. Apps like Photoshop and Pixelmator will be more powerful than their iOS counterparts, and much more capable than the Mac versions.

iOS 9 adds keyboard shortcuts to move around iOS, so logically, you would be able to move around and type on the OS with a bluetooth keyboard for intensive work.

But heres an idea I cant stop pondering on for an iPad: A mouse

Currently there are numerous ways to move across iOS using a keyboard, albeit it is timely and somewhat non intuitive. Some apps dont have keyboard shortcuts. You have to tap the screen to do stuff inside apps if youre using a bluetooth keyboard.

When Apple turned down Multi-touch on Macs, they said users' hands would get tired staying up and touching the screen.

Therefore, the current dynamic for using a bluetooth on an iPad goes against what Apple preached a few years ago. And with a bigger screen, I feel this will definitely be a problem.

What if you were able to use a bluetooth multi-touch mouse (Magic Trackpad) alongside a keyboard? I feel they hinted at this with the trackpad features on the keyboard of the Air and mini. But maybe Im just extrapolating.
With a mouse you dont have to tap the screen inside an app and navigating on such a large display becomes a lot easier.

Ill be honest, I still have trouble reasoning the mouse, but I wouldn't be so certain that it cant happen.

With a range of input tools, increased power, and a bigger screen size, the iPad Pro will take professional content creation to new heights.

This is just an idea of what it takes for an iPad to earn the name Pro.

I dont think that the Pro can be just a normal iPad with a stylus. I think it needs to tap into areas that the iPad and Mac can that the iPhone cant. Something better than an iPad and a Mac.

But maybe Im wrong.

And one more question. I'm wondering if anybody knows of the best or simplest way to extract data from a web site like this https://mydataprovider.com/tools/ and then take that data and say send it to a serial port.
Obviously there's a lot of applications for mining real time data from websites and using it to control various things.

An example is to look at the BOM website and look at the various weather stations looking for approaching wind gust and then controlling an external device by either
sending values to an external microcontroller to make the decision and control the hardware or the PC making the decision and sending the immediate command to the device.
The other thought was to reassemble the data and then send it to another third party web page.

It's not just the BOM, that's just one example. There are quite a few pages I'd like to mine real time data from.