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2019-12-29 03:17:51

I am trying to export photos for a music magazine I shot for to the dimensions of 800X600 res 240 and 1208X690.
I keep getting either full size pixels or weird numbers.
What am I doing wrong.

Lord G.
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2020-01-02 14:56:29

Hey there, could you let me know which one of our apps it is that you're using? Also, system specs + app version would be a great help — thanks in advance!
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2020-01-02 15:12:42

Ok, it would be Pixelmator Pro

Imac 27" 5k 2017 24gb Ram Quad core processor 3.4

The reason I ask is I am about ready to drop Adobe. I already have Capture 1 and I am trying your trial version as we speak for an alternative to photoshop. I can't say where I work but I am also give advice to photographers on what software would fit them and I see a lot of potential in yours. You are soooo close its amazing. I also shoot for a magazine that needs 800X600 and 1208X 690 for the main photo so that's why I am asking these questions I need a photo program that can give me those dimensions plus original size.
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2020-01-02 15:15:14

Awesome, thanks for the clarification — now, where are you seeing these weird numbers? In Pixelmator Pro or after exporting? Any screenshots with clues would be a great help!
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2020-01-02 15:55:54

I already erased the image but it shows up after development and export.
One number instead of being 800X 600 turned out 450X600 Image
For some reason won't show screenshot. But like3 I am saying would like to use Pixelmator Pro for my main Photoshop replacement and offer it as a solution to my clients
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2020-01-02 15:57:57

Tried to send image won't show up Its after I finish editing and export it shows up either original size or instead of 800X600 it shows up 450X600
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2020-01-03 11:50:00

Understood, could you choose Image > Image Size in Pixelmator Pro, take a screenshot of that, and share it here as well?
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2020-01-03 13:42:11

That was the answer, thanks Is there going to be a new video on how to use Pixelmator pro's features? That would help I think a lot of us on how to use the program
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2020-01-03 15:32:54

The only other question I have is will there ever be a digital asset manager to look over photos before we edit
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2020-01-06 12:45:41

by Gary C 2020-01-03 15:32:54 The only other question I have is will there ever be a digital asset manager to look over photos before we edit
That's unlikely to be something we'll be creating in the near future — though it may be more likely if we bring Pixelmator Photo to the Mac... It's more likely that we'd improve the New from Photos feature to make it more full-featured.