Forum not allowing image uploads

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2019-11-30 19:33:37

Hi guys.
I tried to use the image button this post ... 12&p=54855 but the image button did nothing. (Instead I uploaded them to the pixelmator upload site and linked them.) Is there a problem uploading images to the Pixelmator Community forums at the moment?
All the best.
- Stef.
P.S. Just trying the image button on this post to see if it works...
Same file as before:
(spinning circle, no upload (was a .png file btw).
Different file that I'm fairly certain I've posted before:
Well... that worked.
Could it be file size? First image was 3MB, second was 51KB
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2019-12-02 16:00:04

It looks like something's wrong with files above 2MB or so — we're on it.
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2019-12-03 14:56:05

Should be working again!
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2019-12-03 17:58:55