Do you also heat press t-shirts? Help me out

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2019-10-03 20:53:38

Sooo, I have been using pixelmator pro to print tshirts with my designs.
I used a heat press and everything seemed like it went well. I even washed this shirt and the design came out intact.
Except for this stain, I have no idea how it got like that. I figured that if it was because of water, washing the tee would eff it up, but it didn't.
I think this happened after I washed my face while wearing it and some water fell on top of the design and maybe I should've wiped it off immediately??? idk...
So is there a way to fix or at least prevent this from happening?
Is there something i can press on top of my design to make sure it's "sealed"?
thank you
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2019-10-04 08:33:56

I have no suggestions so the following is pretty useless but it's very cool to see Pixelmator Pro being used for stuff like this, seriously!