Using Pixelmator extensions with Mac OS - problem with highSierra

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2019-08-27 22:15:26

Mac OS 10.13.6
Photos 3.0
Aug 27 2019

My Mac photos was app was running slow so I rebuilt it and it's a lot faster, but ...... a problem.... under extensions I he pixelmator, pixeplmator pro and pixelmator touch but none of them will load now when I select them from the edit menu,

The error message I get is 'The file couldn't be opned because it doesn't exist'

I imagine I need to delete these extensions and redownload them, if so how? Any help will be appreciated.


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2019-08-28 13:38:20

I'm not sure what exactly could be going on, but you can try this to remove any remaining extension data and 'reinstall' them:

1. Quit the Photos app (if it's open)
2. Open Finder
3. Choose Go > Go to Folder and paste the following path:


4. Find the following folders:

5. Move all three to the Trash and empty it
6. Open Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro
7. Go to System Preferences > Extensions > Photos Editing and make sure the Pixelmator extensions are turned on

If that doesn't help, it'd be great if you could get in touch with us about this at