Pixelmator for OS High Sierra

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2019-03-02 14:05:26

I tried to download the free trial and was quickly halted in my tracks due to the Metal incompatibility. I am currently using iMac late 2009 27" i5 with High Sierra and want to take part in the free trial prior to going all in, due to the potential incompatibility and being out of money. I have come across the Metal incompatibility on High Sierra for other users. My wife and I are intrigued with the possibilities with Pixelmator and want to find a different photo editing program and have been focusing on Pixelmator. I see many people saying that they can use pixelmator on High Sierra, but which version are they working with? Is there a free trial for that version rather than the one advertised on pixelmator? Just curious if this is possible without going down the road of upgrading my device. I look forward to hearing back from the community and I hope that this will work out in a manner that will be beneficial for my wife and I. Thank you for your time!