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2018-07-03 14:45:26

I have been a pretty novice user of Adobe Photoshop Elements for years - I can do basics and 'get by' for what I need. However, I seem to just plug up my computer using it and am fed up with the constant update messages that go nowhere and have just about had it with the whole Adobe thing.

I tried Pixelmator a few years ago but slipped back into the familiarity of Elements. Having just wiped my Mac mini running High Sierra and putting pretty much everything in the cloud I am starting fresh and need to know where to find either a good book on Pixelmator or videos. I need this aimed at a real beginner to take me step by step as I don't really want to 'wing it' as I had done with Elements for years. Suggestions would be most welcome.
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2018-07-03 14:58:45

I'd say a decent place to start is the Pixelmator Help manual — you can find it here:


There are some books in iBooks, but I can't really recommend anything as I haven't read them myself. What kind of image editing tasks do you usually do? We could recommend some basic techniques that you could focus on.
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2018-07-04 06:33:04

Mainly creating garden tour brochures of a place where I volunteer. Lots of pictures of plants and garden settings so I am tweaking the pictures, removing tourists from the pictures. I can work with layers but don't know much (anything) about masking etc. etc. Produce fun stuff for my grandkids (one who is into Cosplay and I make her costumes and accessories). I paint abstract water colors and would like to produce some artwork on the computer too but don't have any sort of clue where to begin with that. My wish list is a bit all over the place so you can see why I need to start from scratch. I am going to start with your suggestion of using the Pixelmator Help menu. Thanks so much.