Can't open .pxm files (from 2012 version) in new Pixelmator Pro

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-07-07 20:51:22

HELP!! I CAN'T WORK!!! I just bought a new mac, and Pixelmator Pro this week, and when I went to open a .pxm file from my archive, I get the error message "This document is damanged, or isn't compatible with Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4."

I've sent an email to the support address, and I've tweeted to @Pixelmator.

I'm stopped cold from working, and I'm terrified I've lost seven years of work.


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2019-07-08 14:22:53

Heya, Jacque! I've sent you an email with a potential fix for this.
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2019-08-06 19:11:00

I'm having this problem after updating to the new v. 1.4 it can't open pxm files created just before the update. WTH?
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2019-08-06 23:51:30

I finally got mine running. Can't offer any specific tips, but here's the sequence of events for me: After jumping through some several hoops, I downloaded Pixelmator (which is evidently distinct from Pixelmator Pro—but doesn't automatically install when you install Pro). It still wouldn't open pxm files if I double-clicked on them from the Finder, but would open them if I opened Pm first and then used the File > Open command. Now it seems willing to open 2012-era pxm files from the Finder.