Changing text color for part of a text object

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2018-04-06 06:18:36

I seem to be getting inconsistent results when I create a text object and try to select a color for only part of the text object.


I create a text object, color of all text in object is white.
I highlight a word or phrase in the text object and attempt to change to a different color.

Expected result: only the selected text changes color
Actual result: all text in text object changes to new color

I can paste mixed-color text objects from other applications, but things start to get very strange and I can get Pixelmator to crash 100% if I attempt to undo an edit that includes pasted mixed-color text.

So, a couple questions:

1. Are mixed-color text objects just something that Pixelmator does-not-support ,full stop, or, is this a bug?

2. Are mixed-color text objects something that Pixelmator Pro supports?

See example of what I mean by mixed-color text object:

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2018-04-06 07:07:04

Hi invisibletouch.

The crash sounds 100% like a bug and, if you don't get a response from Pixelmator staff here then I'd make sure that you email Pixelmator about it.

That said, there are two different sources for the fill used on text.
1. If you fill the text from the fonts dialog (⌘T) or from the tool options bar above the image (⌥⌘T to show if hidden), you can alter the fill on a letter by letter basis.
2. However, if you set a fill in Styles (⌘7), this works on the entire text object and over-rides the other fill. So, ensure that you have no fill set in styles if you want to change the colour of individual letters.

I hope this helps.

- Stef.
P.S. Pixelmator Pro has a similar setup with a text colour and a style fill that over-rides it.
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2018-04-06 08:12:40

You should definitely be able to change the color of individual letters or words in a text box, so if that's not working, it certainly sounds like a bug (unless, as Stef said, you're changing the color of an entire text layer using layer styles). I was also unable to reproduce the crash you mentioned, but if you could email the crash report to, that would be much appreciated.