Text displays as other text object but is not

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2017-11-08 08:24:33

Is there a limit to number of layers one should use?

I have a fairly simple file where I use Pixelmator in planning building changes as the layers are very useful and I am used to Pixelmator rather than trying to learn a CAD product. The background is a building layout as flat 2D transparency. One group of "layers" I use electrical elements so it has say 30 layers that each literally have one object and these are simple text objects eg Db42, DB43, DB44, etc.

When I print to PDF, the text objects do print as DB42, DB43, DB44, etc. (ie correctly)

But on screen all three objects display as DB44 for example. When I select DB44 and try to edit it, it does show DB43. I delete the text in the object and re-enter DB43, it will show DB43 immediately after, but then later changes again (whether to DB44 or some other object's name).

It also does the same thing (displaying say DB43 as DB44) whether DB43 and DB44 are grouped or not. It seems to change to displaying the actual content of another object - it is not related to displaying the layer name of that other object (I tried renaming layer names)

I am on 3.7 (71005) on an iMac running 10.12.6, the file is not that big at 2.1Mb

regarding the limit to number of layers : if I select a bunch of the layers and merge them, the text seems to display correctly?
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2018-07-13 20:43:19

I have the same problem with text layers displaying content from a different object when not editing. v3.7.3. OSX 10.12.6.