Trying to cut out a shape

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2019-11-03 05:18:46

But I just can't crack it. I have three layers (imagine the French flag) and I want to cut a shape out (triangle) that will cut through all three.
Is this possible?
I've also tried converting them to pixels and trying to delete bits (using the lasoo) but it's just not happening.
HALP please.
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2019-11-03 07:10:18

Hi skb585.
The easiest way I can think of is by using an opacity mask (layer mask).
1. If you don't already have it, draw the shape you want to cut out on its own layer (as a shape, bitmap, whatever works for you).
2. Group the three layers you want to cut through.
3. Click on the trangle layer layer and turn it into a selection (Edit > Load Selection or Cmd-click on the image of the layer in the layers palette if you're feeling adventurous).
4. Invert the selection (Edit > Invert Selection)(because we want to show the bits of the image that are *not* triangle).
5. Click on the group containing the three layers and add a mask (Layer > Add Layer Mask or right-click on the group in the layers palette and Add Mask). A mask will be created cutting the shape of the trangle through the three layers.
6. Deselect (Cmd-D) and hide the triangle layer (or delete it if you really don't want it any more).
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-11-03 20:27:41

Thankyou Stef - you're a genius!