I think I unmagicked my Magic Eraser

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2019-09-23 08:19:50

I have been removing the almost-monotone background from my product shots by using the magic eraser to select the background colour (which should be grey, but actually photographs as a yellow-grey shade, but that is in another post) dropping a bucket of white paint on it.

My workflow is as follows:
- Show the alignment grid
- Edit - transform
- Adjust rotation
- Crop
- Adjust exposure
- Select background and paint it white or black.
- Save and export a JPG.

I have been conducting science experiments with colour correction (with no success, but that is another post.)

Until about an hour ago, this workflow worked perfectly - the magic eraser put a grey-white checkerboard on the selected area, and the paint bucket replaced it as I wanted. I have been doing this for months and it has been perfectly repeatable.

Now, the magic is gone - magic eraser is superimposing its checkerboard onto the yellow-grey colour that is already there to give a muddy checkerboard, and the paint bucket does not seem to recognise that the magic eraser selection. Deleting the pxm file and starting again does not fix it, so I have changed something persistent. Behaviour is the same on all images since it started happening.

I have clearly tweaked something in Pixelmator that I should'n orta tweak, but I don't recall what it is.

The image has a single layer, as far as I can tell.

Please help me get the magic back into Magic Eraser.
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2019-09-23 09:20:14

This sounds like quite a simple issue — the Opacity setting (in the Tool Options bar above the image) is probably below 100%, so you'll need to make sure to move it back up to 100% to get the tool to function the way you're used to.
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2019-09-23 11:11:03

Awww - you GENIUS!

Thank you!
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2019-09-23 15:07:43

by Lightly Peated 2019-09-23 11:11:03 Awww - you GENIUS!

Thank you!
Glad I could help! (Even though I'm more into the heavily peated stuff...)
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2019-09-23 20:40:10

Gotta say, I don't mind a nice slug of Octomore from time to time myself...