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2019-08-29 08:50:32

While I have searched on this forum on how, or why I cannot import a custom set of Photoshop brushes, I am not finding anything updated.

I am using PM v3.8.5 Phoenix (90618.1654) and have purchased a set of Photoshop brushes from a YouTuber that I 'draw' inspiration from.

I have found information about PMpro being able to import brushes but since I already have a copy of standard PM, I would like to use it instead. So point being: I would like to get some updated information about this feature, since the last post about this was from 2018.

Thanks in advance!
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2019-08-29 15:56:01

My guess is that the brushes may be too large in terms of their pixel size — the maximum size of brushes you can import into Pixelmator is 1000px. If that doesn't sound like the reason, could you maybe share an example ABR file with us at

By the way, Pixelmator Pro supports brushes up to 2500px thanks to the newer painting engine.
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2019-09-03 01:12:50

If it helps, I am trying to use Draw with Jazza's brush set. I have attempted to convert these over, tpl to abr, but maybe that might be the reason? Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.
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2019-09-03 08:18:26

That may well have something to do with it — would you be able to email us a sample brush or two at Thanks!