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2019-05-11 07:02:10

Hi Gents,
I'm french and newbye in Pixelmatour app for OSX.
I'm looking for a solution to selected multiple image on scan (jpg), crop,and save those ones ?
Is it possible with Pixelmator ?
Thank you very much for your help and your time.
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2019-05-11 08:24:23

Hey there, I assume you have one image file with several scanned images inside it? If so, here's one fairly quick way of doing this:

1. Choose the Slice Tool (shortcut: K key)
2. Draw slices around each individual scanned image
3. Customize the export format in the Tool Options bar above your image (I'd use PNG for things like this because I wouldn't want the images to be additionally compressed)

Note that you need to customize and (optionally) rename each slice separately.

4. Click Export for Web when you're done and choose a location to export the files.

The Slice tool is meant more for slicing up designs for use on webpages but it should do a pretty good job for you too. Another option is simply using the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select each image, copy it, and create new images from it. In that case, the steps would be:

1. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool (shortcut: M key)
2. Draw selections around each individual scanned image
3. Choose Edit > Copy (or press the Command-C shortcut)
4. Choose File > New (or press the Command-N shortcut)
5. The Clipboard preset should be selected, so you won't have to set the image size yourself, click OK
6. Choose Edit > Paste (or press the Command-V shortcut)
7. Export the image using File > Export

As you can see this workflow is a little more complex but using keyboard shortcuts, it take a similar amount of time. Though what's great about the Slice tool is you can easily resize slices and export multiple images at once. With a selection, you can transform it, but it's not quite as simple.

Anyway, hope this helps!
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2019-05-11 15:31:16

Hi Andrius,
Thank you very much for your help.
I find a way with photoshop on my labtop under Windows 10......and it"s almost automatic.
Thank you very once more time.