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2019-04-20 04:56:12

hi guys, hope you can help me, i use pixelmator almost on a daily basis, i have found that when i save the photos to my camera roll, they seem to be dated november 2017. so far ive sort of got around this by saving the pics i have edited into a folder with the original photos, but if im looking for a previous edited photo it can be a bit tricky to find (especially since i have over 25k of photos on my camera roll) i havent been able to fibd anywhere to select the correct date in the app. thanks for the help nikki
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2019-04-23 07:54:06

Hey Nikki, just to clarify, are you using the original Pixelmator app on the Mac? Or are you using one of our apps for iOS — either Pixelmator or Pixelmator Photo?
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2019-05-04 22:38:31

hi andrius, sorry for the delay, notification went to my junk box. yes. ive been using the pixelmator app on my ipad. thank you for your reply. regards, nikki
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2019-05-06 08:32:44

Awesome, thanks for the clarification — this doesn't appear to be a known issue so could you email us about it at We'll take a closer look at what's happening.
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2019-05-06 21:34:33

thank you will do.