Sorry for the dumb question!

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2018-10-07 01:40:39

Sorry for this totally basic and (no doubt) daft question. I think in some random clicking around exploring (very new user) I have enabled something that now doesn't allow me to see my image at all. Instead all I can see is a pixeled page of tiny black and white squares. In the layers palette I have my image there and it is the only layer so it isn't covered (I don't think) but nothing I do seems to work to allow me to see and edit the image. It's driving me nuts!!

Any advice gratefully received.
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2018-10-07 12:56:24

Could it be you made the layer invisible? There is a tick box in the layers palette on the right of each layer that you can turn on and off to make a layer visible or not.

Would you be able to create a screenshot and drag it in the reply field so we can see more clearly what has happened?
From what you write you could also seem to have added a chess effect from the effects browser. You've either done this on a new layer or on the existing layer and somehow the thumbnail of that layer didn't update.

To get back to where you were you can try MacOS's versions function. Open the File menu and choose Revert to... then browse all versions. You will get a time-machine like display where you can revert to earlier versions of your work.

Hope that works