Upgrade to Pixelmator Pro

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2017-12-28 01:43:53

I purchased Pixelmator and I have been using it sparingly since I found it a bit limiting as compared to Photoshop since I had a subscription as a student but later I found out about Affinity Photo and I purchased it after reading so many positive reviews. I found it sufficient for my needs so I cancelled my subscription with Adobe. However I like Pixelmator as well and I when Pixelmator Pro got announced I got excited and I wanted to upgrade but to my utter dismay, there is no option to upgrade from a Pixelmator to Pixelmator Pro.
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2017-12-28 16:26:43

Hi Elmer. You can upgrade to Pixelmator Pro by purchasing it from the App Store. Pixelmator Pro is a completely new app. You will end up with a license for both Pixelmator Classic and the new Pixelmator Pro.
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2018-01-24 19:47:28

I have this same question about upgrading to pro.