Exporting blurs images?

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2017-12-11 16:45:35

I've been playing around with exporting an image for use as a facebook cover photo. I can't get seem to get the settings right to get a clean output. Lines get blurred, colours seem pixely.

I'm exporting as .jpg at 100% quality at 72 DPI. Have also tried saving for web (seems to be worse although file size is smaller).

Any ideas of what I'm doing?

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2018-01-08 21:04:01

Try increasing DPI and exporting under different formats...png...
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2018-01-09 12:24:10

DPI (or, more accurately, PPI) only matters for print images — it's essentially a piece of metadata that tells printers how many pixels to print in an inch of space on a page. Of course, when you size an image using inches and PPI, it matters because it determines the pixel size of the image, but when you explicitly tell any image editing app what the pixel size of an image should be, PPI only changes its print size (I have a feeling that probably sounds like gibberish...). So, with all that in mind, what size (in pixels) are you exporting the image at? And have you tried exporting to PNG?