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2021-09-05 16:29:55

Here’s my problem. I have 2 images of groups of the same people. The only difference is there is one person missing from the one image. The missing person is in the other image. I would like to move this one individual into the other image. I’ve tried using the magnetic lasso tool to try and cut and paste the one individual into the other group picture. The only spot to place this person in the second image is behind another person. Is it possible to place this person behind the other one. Every time I try to do it, the person I’m moving shows up in front of the person I’m trying to place her behind. Thanks.
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2021-09-13 15:01:56

Hi! A simple layer mask should work here. Here are the rough steps:

1. Once you've pasted your subject, reduce the opacity of the pasted layer slightly so that you could see the main image below it. 60% opacity or so should do it.
2. Using a selection tool of your choice, select parts of the pasted layer that cover the person you want to be in front.
3. Once you have your selection, Control-click the pasted layer and choose Add Mask. You'll notice that the Layer mask now gives you the opposite effect — it covers the areas you wanted to remain visible. Don't worry, we'll sort that out in step 5, by inverting the mask.
4. Press Command + D to deselect your selection. This step is important — step 5 won't work otherwise.
5. Press Command + I to invert the mask.
6. Bring the pasted layer opacity to 100%.

And that's it, you have your image. In case you need to reveal or hide some additional sections of your pasted image, you can paint on the mask with a black or white brush.

Hope that helps!