[Feature Request] Machine Learning: Presets

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2019-06-30 18:09:07

I used to use Lightroom for my Foto editing workflow with my Fujifilm X-Pro2. Adobe and VSCO provided some Presets that came pretty close to the awesome camera/film presets of analog Fuji-Films.

I completely moved my workflow to the iPad and Pixelmator Photo.
I‘m still not happy with the provided Presets and kept finding mysel choosing the amazon Fujifilm JPEG files over the RAW images.

My feature request: use the RAW images and the in-Camera-Color-corrected JPEG files to „learn“ and „train“ a custom preset.
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2019-06-30 18:21:39

Hi, Jordi,

We have similar function in Pixelmator Pro for MacOS: it is called ML Match Colors. You can use one image to calculate Color Adjustments needed for other image (for example, you can color-match RAW with in-camera JPEG). We are planning to add this function to Pixelmator Photo.
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2019-06-30 18:27:12

That‘s great to hear.

It would be awesome if you could consider the possibility to use multiple RAW/JPEG pairs to batch-train the preset, to make it more „complete“!

The goal should be a preset that produces the same result when applied to the RAW image as the in-Camera JPEG.

I‘m looking forward to the feature!
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2019-07-07 17:06:55

Hey Guys,
Nice, Jordi! same here!
Would be also nice being able to import presets into Pixelmator.

My feature request: Noise reduction and radial/brush adjustments too. =)