Batch export vs exporting individual file

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2020-05-15 14:12:10

Hi, I’m trying to export multiple files with batch export on my iPad, but I’m probably doing something wrong

What I do:
1. Select 5 files
2. Click on “Batch”
3. Select my batch profile - JPEG, 100% quality, original scale
4. Click “Apply”
5. Save to files

After that I check the files in my folder where I exported it. I can see edited images, each approximately 2MB. But the quality is horrible. On darker areas I can clearly see some parts pixelated (heavy compression).

If I do same thing with every image individually:
1. Click on image
2. Click on “Edit”
3. Click on “...” (top right)
4. Click on “Export”
5. Select JPEG, 100% quality, original scale
6. Click on “Next” > “Save to files“

After that my individually exported files are around 20MB, no visible compression of artefacts.
I would like to achieve this quality with batch exporting. What I’m missing here?

Thank you!

Btw this is not a rant, I love Pixelmator
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2020-05-15 14:37:20

Hi Matej, It sounds like maybe something is going wrong (i.e. maybe there's a bug) or maybe the settings of your batch workflow aren't quite right but, in either case, it's probably easiest to troubleshoot this via email — could you drop us a line at
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2020-05-15 22:45:48

Sure, I’ll do that. Thanks