Document Storage Options: Dropbox, On My iPad, iCloud

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2020-04-24 12:45:47

I was looking at the settings in the Settings -> Pixelmator Photo on my iPad and noticed there is an option for setting "Document Storage". It listed "On my iPad", "iCloud", and "Dropbox".

I was unable to find any documentation about this setting. What is it used for? It didn't show any noticeable difference that I could find. I was hoping it would allow you to control where the linked files are saved.

Is this an upcoming feature? I would prefer to save the linked files in Dropbox where I have more storage space than iCloud.

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2020-04-26 14:49:54

If you'd like to choose whether to save linked files locally or in iCloud, that setting is available in the More menu in the Pixelmator Photo browser (either Photos or Files). Dropbox doesn't support the type of file type Pixelmator Photo uses (it's a package file) so you wouldn't really be able to use it reliably. As for what that setting does — it's the default location for imported files and really only applies to Files-based editing at this time and only with a specific set of settings and in specific situations, so it's not especially important.