After update I can’t find my photos anymore ...

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2020-04-11 06:40:11

So I can browse the ”files”-part of my ipad with pixelmator photo, but no ”photos”-part cant be seen anymore. Also it tries to give me a possibility to get my photos back, but it really doesn’t just work. I took a screen capture of what I’m facing. I would really much like to get my photos back how they were.

Here is a video
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2020-04-11 06:59:44

Wait.. I opened a photo using the ipads own files app and now I have my photos-part of the pixelmator photo, not just ”files”. We’ll see if this is going to happen again.

edit.. WAIT ! so there is a button to switch between photos and files.. it was hidden too well.. maybe put it on the top bar next to the three dots?

ps. the healing tool thingie is now blazing fast! thanks!
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2020-04-14 16:31:01

Hi Pepe, apologies for the temporary disorientation! We thought the button makes sense in the More menu but when you're used to seeing it in the toolbar, the confusion is understandable. Glad to hear you managed to find it!