Feature request for a Clone stamp tool (+ my top3 feature requests)

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2020-03-11 05:55:37

So I have been using the healing what ever the tool is called. It doesn’t get me quality results and I need to use something like Affinity Photo to make it look decent. It is really limited and have to try multiple times to get even remotely decent results. A simple clone stamp tool would solve these issues. Where you could adjust the size and feather and what not. When I use the healing band-aid tool it usually leaves a mark where it has been used and you cannot really remove the mark or stain it leaves behind with it.

For now here’s my top 3 feature requests:
1. Clone tool
2. Noise removal
3. C/A removal

Bubbling under: possibility to make LUTs from a frame capture to be used with apps like lumafusion etc
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2020-03-16 16:17:51

All four are things we'd like/love to add (with varying priority levels...).