Trying to follow this tutorial...

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2020-02-29 18:00:09

Hi Guys,

I was trying to follow this tutorial : ... ng-photos/

But.. I get stuck basically at the first stage! .. What version of Pixelmator Pro was this written for ? I don't seem to find many of the options like Quick Mask Mode, Burn tool etc

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2020-02-29 21:25:03

Are you using pixelmator photo, pixelmator pro, pixelmator classic or just pixelmator?
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2020-03-01 15:49:36

Pixelmator Pro
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2020-03-02 13:27:14

That tutorial is for the original Pixelmator, in Pixelmator Pro, the steps would be a little different as there is no quick mask mode (but there is a way to make selections using gradients) and some of the tools are different. The Dodge tool is called the Lighten tool (because it lightens image areas) and the Burn tool is called the Darken tool (because it darkens image areas).

To make a selection using a gradient, it's best to use regular layer masks. To do that, duplicate the original layer, apply a layer mask to it, then choose the Gradient tool and use the linear black to white gradient on the layer mask to nondestructively hide part of it. You can then use the Color Monochrome adjustment on that layer to add a color tint like in the steps of that particular tutorial.