[CHECK THE VIDEO] Slowness of the healing tool with Sony a7ii raw-files

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2020-02-28 21:42:06

So I have a bit dirty sensor on my sony and there’s some dust visible when using small apertures.. I just got the Pixelmator Photo and have been loving it, but when I do the clean up on my sony raw-files it gets super slow after a couple of taps on the screen. So if you could and I hope you do: make it faster, like MUCH MUCH faster At this point it takes like 2-5 seconds to wait every time I remove a one little spec of dust.

Also, have not found it so I guess there is no tool for removing chromatic aberration? This would be really good to have!

Here’s a link to the video: https://youtu.be/64KBvVYx-E8
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2020-03-02 12:49:48

Hi Pepe, thanks for reporting this! I can see there's definitely quite a significant slowdown there and while it's not necessarily a bug (as the total nondestructively repaired area gets larger, it requires more memory), it could be improved at least a little. We'll look into this.

As chromatic aberration removal, that would be pretty great, though there are some bigger priorities just now. But at some point down the line, why not.