New to Pixelmator photo pro. Need a little guidance Please

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2019-12-23 20:48:42

Goal: Have jpg and png images. Need to use lasso and cut sections out to save as separate images in the cloud. I will then be inserting the cutouts in to a document. I can fet the cutout to show, but can’t save to cloud. Do I need to pick a format while saving?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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2020-01-02 14:44:05

Hi there, Pixelmator Photo doesn't currently have layer-based editing features of this kind, so I'm afraid it won't be possible to use the app for that. Maybe the original Pixelmator is more what you're looking for? If so, feel free to get a refund for Pixelmator Photo and drop us a line at and we'll be happy to share a promo code for that app with you!