iPad and external SSD

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-12-10 00:08:32

I recently got an iPad pro and hadn't even considered editing photos on it when I got it. However my question is with Pixelmator Photo, can I work off of an external SSD drive? Like have my files stored on the SSD (not imported to the ipad) and be able to work on them. (and not open one image at a time,save, but have a filmstrip of loaded images and a bartch save) I just tried Adobe LR and their cloud system just won't work for me. I need to be able to work on full res images locally.
From my understanding using externals on the iPad is a fairly new thing, if I can't use it with Pixelmator photo, is this something that will be added in the future??


EDIT: well I downloaded the trial for Pixelmator pro, and see I can only load one image at a time, not all like a filmstrip, so i guess that answers my question above regarding the mobile version. Seems like great software, I like the controls, but I need to be able to load a folder of pics...
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2019-12-10 09:07:01

Pixelmator Photo is a little different from Pixelmator Pro but both are the one-image-at-a-time kind of editors, although Pixelmator Photo has a built-in batch editing feature. We will keep alternative workflows in mind for the future, though!

As for external editing, you can edit (and batch edit) images in external locations.