Pixelmator loses edits

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-11-26 23:02:40

Pixelmator Pro on my iPad does not autosave, nor does it warn me when leaving a photo that my edits will be lost. This is *bad behavior* for any iOS app. The app should preserve work done thus far and, if for some reason it can't, should warn the user that they need to save their work. I am able to manually save my edits no problem, but it's truly un-Apple-like for me to have to remember to do so before swapping out of the app. Why does the app behave like this?
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2019-11-27 09:46:38

In this case, we wanted Pixelmator Photo to work like the Photos app does — once you start editing a photo, you need to press Done or Cancel to commit/discard your changes. In version 1.0, we had a more Keynote/Pages/Numbers-style workflow where everything saved automatically, but that only worked better in theory. For photo editing, we feel this is the best workflow and probably why the Photos app also uses it.