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2019-11-16 21:49:58

Hi. I’m using Px Photo, and as I’m using the the size of the app in storage is growing and growing. When it gets to about 2gb I have to delete and redownload as my iPad runs out of space.
Is there a way to just clear the cache or have that happen automatically?
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2019-11-18 12:13:53

Hi Darren, Pixelmator Photo stores edits nondestructively by default (in a hidden linked file) and, once you delete the app, those edits are deleted too. As it looks like you might not need those nondestructive edits, you can go to Settings > Pixelmator Photo > Workflow and choose Destructive Editing, which won't save any .PHOTO files, though once you save your changes, you'll only be able to revert to the original image in Photos (in Files, the changes won't be revertable).

What's more in the most recent Pixelmator Photo update (1.1.2, which was released just an hour or so ago), those linked files will no longer be hidden, so another solution to this would be to open the Linked Files folder inside the Pixelmator Photo folder (saved on your iPad by default), where you can delete the files you no longer need or all of them at once.

Hope that helps!
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2019-11-18 13:55:35

Perfect! Thank you!
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2019-11-18 14:02:04

Happy to help!