replace original file and keep pixelmator edits?

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2019-11-14 11:19:43


I'm using pixelmator to enhance drawing done in procreate.

So I export my image and edit it with pixelmator.

BUT WHAT IF I want to edit the original? Then I replace the old one, but I loose the edits?

How can I replace a original photo, keeping the pixelmator edits?

Thanks a lot.
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2019-11-14 16:13:08

If I've understood the issue correctly, the best way to copy edits from one image to another would be to create a custom preset. But I'm also not 100% sure about where you're storing your images and how you're moving them between apps. Does the color adjustment preset option sound like it might work for you?
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2019-11-15 08:11:43

Yes that's pretty much what I'm doing.

WOuld be great to be able to copy paste preset from one image to another from the pixelmator brower, and not to have to enter in the editor !

could you do that?
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2019-11-15 16:21:25

We sure could — this is on the feature request already, so we'll see what we can do with future updates.