1.1.1 Batch workflow export to photo format issue

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2019-11-13 18:36:21

Am trying to use the batch export ML Magic option with the Photo format selected (so that I can go back afterwards and fine-tune the ML edits made) on Raw files.

But nothing seems to happen after the images have been processed. All I see are options to share or view images. And if I go back to the Raw files they remain unchanged - i.e. before any edits have been made.

Am I missing something obvious here?
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2019-11-14 16:15:44

With batch editing, if you choose to export/share your images, they aren't placed anywhere until you share them to a location when the batch editing workflow is completed. And, in this case, RAW images are read-only, so the original files cannot be modified either way — if you share those files you get at the end of workflow (which should be in .PHOTO format), you'll be able to edit/fine-tune them.
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2019-11-14 19:20:12

Hi Andrius,

Thanks for that.

Think I'm getting closer to what I want now but its still not quite as quick as what I was hoping to see.

After the batch editing has finished I can only see the option to 'save to files'. Is it possible to see 'save to camera roll'?

If I choose 'save to files' and choose an album on my iPad it works but then to locate the files I have to switch from 'Show Photos' to 'Show Files' each time.
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2019-11-15 16:24:28

As .PHOTO files are files rather than images, they can't really be saved to Photos in such a way — the best solution would probably be for us to add an option to process images in the Photos library while also preserving nondestructive edits. This should be technically possible so we'll consider it and see if we can add it in an upcoming update!
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2019-11-15 18:31:54

Many thanks for that.

Look forward to future releases.