Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-10-01 17:29:52

How to add/edit keywords. Don't see it. Is it included? Will it be? And if it is not currently included what is the suggest workflow?

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2019-10-01 21:02:21

There's no keyword editing at the moment but that's definitely a solid candidate to be included in a future update. The suggested workflow would be a third-party app, for now. Have you been using anything up until now?
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2019-10-01 22:59:57

I have used Aperture, LR and Capture One never a third party.
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2019-10-02 08:55:23

Ah, this is on macOS? I thought maybe you also had a preferred tool on iOS. Understood, thanks for the clarification!
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2019-10-02 09:10:44

I would also love to be able to apply keywords to photos on iPad. From what I understand, if I am not mistaken, the keywords system in the Mac Photos app is proprietary, not industry standard. Can you suggest a iOS app that will sync keywords from iOS to Mac Photos?
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2019-10-02 13:19:05

by michael q I have used Aperture, LR and Capture One never a third party.
To be clear “yes” these are MacOS apps and the extent of my experience with keywords but I am now wanting to apply keywords to photos in iPadOS. I now understand that iPadOS doesn’t support this but am hoping Pixelmator will, soon. In the mean time do you recommend a third party app that can help. Though I doubt there is a solution that would include the ability to search, sort and group by keywords. Any help is appreciated, thanks.